2016.09.07_KJK_DSC_8761-2We grew up in a family that was always outside, no matter what the weather. So we quickly learned to appreciate a good hat. As we got a little older, we also grew to appreciate a hat that looked cool in addition to it being warm.

Our grandma taught Kelley how to knit when she was 8. She in turn taught Lisa to knit a few years later. When we both started to snowboard we would make our own hats, so as to avoid that awkward feeling of having the same hat as someone else on the hill. Together our time on the lift was spent looking at everyone’s hats and brainstorming our next hat. Kelley’s addiction was a little worse than Lisa’s and when Lisa finally told her to stop making new hats… The Kozy Company was born.


Where did the name come from? Our family nickname is Kozy, a play off of our last name Kossan. Plus, it’s a play on how warm and cozy our hats are.

Where do you wear your The Kozy Co items? We both snowboard, play pick up hockey, ice fish and hunt, hike and camp, Kelley runs, Lisa plays competitive softball; all these things require a great hat!

What are your personal favorites? You can find Lisa’s here, and Kelley’s here.

Are you twins? Nope… we’re 8 years apart!

Do you have other siblings? Yes… there are 12 of us Kozy kids total.

How many of your own hats do you have? Too many to count!

Is there any special way to wash my hat? YES. Handwashing is the best way to make your hat last as long as possible, but you can also use the washing machine on delicate cycle. Always wash in COLD water and air dry to keep from fading and shrinking. Since most of our products are at least part wool (to keep you nice and warm!) this is important!

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